Proform makes better cooling a snap with its 1-2-3 Radiator Systems. The systems feature a two-row aluminium radiator, aluminium shroud and one or two electric fans depending on the size of the radiator.

The trick is that Proform assembles the whole system for you – just pull it out of the box and install it in your vehicle.

The radiators feature TIG-welded tanks and a patented four-corner design that mounts the fan motor on a billet aluminium plate that sits inside a third tank located in the centre of the radiator.

That allows coolant to flow through the entire unit for maximum cooling. Other features include:

  • State-of-the-art brazing process minimizes leakage
    • Two rows of extruded and traditional 1in tubes provide maximum cooling and core rigidity
    • Proprietary louvre design for optimal heat transfer
    • Billet aluminium cap and filler neck with the high-capacity overflow tube

The Proform 1-2-3 Radiator Systems are available in seventeen configurations to fit just about any vehicle. A thread-in adjustable thermostat is included.