A Derale Electric Fan and Shroud Kit will keep anything north of Hades running nice and cool. They are available in single- and dual-fan configurations with aluminium shrouds in sizes to fit virtually any vehicle.

RAD Kits
These kits feature electric fans with high-output, two-speed motors and an ultra-quiet, skewed-blade design perfect for radiators with thick, tight-fin cores that really need large amounts of airflow to cool properly.

The fans are integrated into an aluminium shroud that channels airflow directly to the radiator core. The kits are available in single- and dual-fan configurations with airflow ratings from 1300- to 4000 CFM.

Powerpack Kits
The Powerpack Kits feature the same high-output fans and shrouds as the RAD kits but come with Derale’s Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Fan Controller to give you direct control of engine temperature.

The controller is built into the shroud and constantly adjusts fan speed to maintain the engine temperature you select. That allows the fans to operate only at the level needed to keep the engine cool. This increases component life and eliminates amperage spikes that can damage the fans. Other PWM features include:

  • Controls fan(s) speed from 0-100 per cent
    • Controls multiple electric fans up to a 65-amp load
    • Includes automatic reset circuit breaker and A/C override circuit