At 102 years old, family-owned and run tool firm Draper Tools continues to invest in bringing you the latest tools and technology for the workshop. The company is proud to announce that after much development, its welding range is now bigger and better than ever.

The newly launched range will see the introduction of sixteen new welders, two plasma cutters and a whole host of essential welding accessories.

Whether you’re a professional vehicle technician, a kit or classic car enthusiast or a keen motorist, adding a welder to tool your toolkit can be a very worthwhile investment. The new high-performance machines from Draper Tools come in a variety of welding applications, with models suited to those who weld as a hobby and welding professionals alike. These include:

ARC Welders

MMA Inverters

MIG Welders

MIG Inverters

TIG Welders

Multi-Process Welders

Plasma Cutters

A range of accessories and consumables such as torches, torch tips, shrouds, welding curtains and wires.

Draper Tools has invested heavily in technology to ensure its new range of welders offers maximum performance. Many of its welders are marked with DTi, meaning they feature additional ‘Digital Technology Inside’.

These machines have settings controlled digitally by microprocessors rather than analogue buttons. The result is a more intelligent machine, which can handle more settings and therefore offer more functions to the user. DTi also provides exceptional levels of control and precision, and a more stable signal – all of which results in a better performing machine and a smoother, faster weld.

The new range also includes welders featuring modern inverter technology, which replaces a traditional transformer. Inverter models of welder can be just as powerful but significantly more efficient and, as a result, far smaller and easier to carry around. Their efficiency means they are a more environmentally friendly option for the workshop too.

Whether you’ve got aluminium to weld, heavy-duty fabrication work to do, vehicle body or chassis repairs, you’ll find the right welder for the job in Draper’s new range. Designed to be a one-stop-shop for a range of welding projects, Draper Tools has also produced a handy guide to welders available at

The new welding range is out now and available from Draper stockists. See for stockist information ENDS.