According to recent research carried out by TentBox – the UK’s number one roof tent company – spontaneous road trips are incredibly popular among UK holidaymakers and on the rise:

Almost two thirds (64 per cent) of people went on spontaneous getaways in 2019 but approximately one third (29 per cent) think they will do so more often in the future.

The most popular reason (38 per cent of respondents) why people are looking to go on more spontaneous getaways is because they want to enjoy their freedom once the Covid restrictions are removed.

Increased spontaneity within UK holidaymakers could have a dramatic effect on UK roads as larger numbers of drivers look towards last-minute domestic holidays.

Spontaneous getaways can be made easier, more exciting and more frequent with a TentBox:

Always packed and ready to go, a TentBox is an ideal way to be spontaneous, offering greater comfort, flexibility and freedom when camping.

A TentBox can turn any hard-top car into a campervan in under 30 minutes.

The makers of TentBox believe that adventures and being spontaneous are two of life’s greatest pleasures, and there’s no better way to combine the two than with a TentBox fitted to the roof of your car. Furthermore, with a TentBox, you can follow your instincts; avoiding bad weather dramas by simply going on holiday when you want to.

The UK-based start-up has recently commissioned a piece of research that has revealed some intriguing findings about how and why UK holidaymakers plan to get away this summer.

The UK has a wealth of unspoilt countryside and dramatic coastline to explore and it’s never been a better time to enjoy the great outdoors and the beautiful scenery the UK has to offer.

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