In addition to producing the RPX and RPS-S (MG TF and MGF-based, respectively) RPS Ltd also caters extensively for the MGB with their GRP parts and also the VeeBee Wing stuff.

They’ve recently been putting together a black MGB roadster and this features the aforementioned VeeBee wings and a new GRP grille surround that fit with the new Sebring Style valances they developed last year. The difference with these valances is that they are designed to bolt on as a replacement for a rubber bumper conversion.

The GRP grille surround costs just £69.50 a bargain when you consider that as-original chrome versions are now over £200! The valances come in at £138 for the front (with ducts) and £118 for the rear.

The car is eventually going to have RPX’s GRP dashboard fitted, along with a new hardtop that has a lift-out roof panel.

The company will finally be heading out to do some shows later in the summer (July/Aug) including Gaydon MGF25 (July 24), Harrogate MG show (August 8) and Triumph & MG Show – Malvern (August 13-15).

To find out more about the new products and their existing range visit ENDS.