Autoglym, the UK’s leading supplier of aftermarket car care products, has launched a new LifeShine Demonstration Tool to help dealers sell in the benefits of its paint, interior and glass protection system.

The new resource includes an interactive walk-around demo and is designed to help dealers explain the features of LifeShine to customers and prospects and demonstrate its long-term benefits. As a web-based platform, dealers can present LifeShine remotely during a video call with a customer as well as face to face in the showroom (guidelines and company policy permitting).

The company has also launched an augmented reality (AR) app that shows the benefits of LifeShine in use and the difference between protected and unprotected surfaces on the car the customer is looking to purchase. It has been designed to work alongside the LifeShine Demonstration Tool, to support with educating customers and helping to overcome any barriers to purchase

Autoglym Customer Marketing Manager Maria Partridge said: “LifeShine is a product that brings many benefits, not only to the end customer who can be reassured that their new or used car is as well protected as it can be against the elements but also to our retailers who can use it as an upsell opportunity or an additional customer benefit.

“We wanted to create a platform that easily demonstrated LifeShine’s benefits in a real-world environment, and the AR experience does just that. It puts the customer in front of the car and allows them to see how the LifeShine application process protects their investment in the long term. It’s a huge benefit to our retailers and also to car buyers.”

To find out more or to become a registered LifeShine stockist, go to or 01462 677 766 ENDS.