The qualities of DEI’s heatshield wrapping, rolls and tailor-made products are well-known, but sometimes just a small area of heat protection is required; for instance, to protect other engine bay components from turbo heat or to prevent accidental burns from hot exhausts.

DEI is now offering handy-sized Universal Heat Shield Pads for instant heat protection precisely where it’s needed.

The pads are made from double-sided high-grade stainless steel with a high-temperature insulation layer. The welded seams seal the insulation between the stainless steel outers making for a durable, long-lasting shield. Grommet holes are provided at the corners for easy mounting.

DEI Universal Heat Shield Pads are capable of withstanding a direct heat of 2000°F (approx 1090°C).

The pads are extremely lightweight; they block heat and protect components better than factory shields. They can be hand-formed to fit bends and curves and are available in two sizes.
10257 Stainless Steel Heat Shield Pad – 4in x 8in (10.16cm x 20.32cm) £57.96 each
10258 Stainless Steel Heat Shield Pad – 12in x 12in (30.48cm x 30.48cm) £92.61 each

Prices shown are for supply direct from DEI in America and will be subject to import tax, shipping costs and handling fees. UK and European customers are recommended to check local DEI official dealers for prices. More from ENDS.