Here’s one primarily for our North American readers.

The main culprit for overheating engines is almost always the same: not having a properly fitted radiator fan shroud. A shroud too small to cover the entire surface area of the radiator reduces the amount of cool air funnelled through the radiator by as much as 50 per cent.

Leave the shroud off due to a lack of space results in almost zero low-speed cooling and a hot engine that spits onto the ground.

The DeWitts Radiator Universal Brushless Electric Fan Kit will fix that. Its heat-resistant, GRP shroud is super-thin design (only 3¾in thick) to fit cramped engine compartments. The aerodynamic shape with moulded-in flaps pulls air through the entire radiator core for maximum cooling. The shroud fits all 27½in wide radiators straight out of the box but can be trimmed to fit radiators as narrow as 22½in wide.

The 16in 500-watt SPAL brushless fan motor uses high energy ferrite magnets and a state-of-the-art sine wave sensorless drive to make it the most efficient motor available anywhere. a seven-blade fan can pull a whopping 2430 CFM of cool outside through the radiator – enough to keep the hottest of engines happy. Other features include:

  • Quiet, 40,000 hour+ operational life
    •Integrated on-board diagnostics
    • Battery compensation system so motor speed stays consistent
    • Protection against overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage, and mechanical overload
    • Three-year/36-month warranty

DeWitts made the fan kit fully automatic; when the built-in temperature sensor reaches 175 degrees, the fan will soft-start with limited power and go into full power mode at 195 degrees.

DeWitts also created some install videos to help get you on the road faster:
Full Kit Installation
Fan Shroud Mounting


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