I’ve been using the new glass cleaner, which is part of the Motul Car Care range just released in the UK. The French oil giant is represented in the UK by Witham Group.

Having been on a rainy trip to Derbyshire this week my black X5 was looking a bit unkempt and before it rained (again) I managed to put the Glass Clean product through its paces on a couple of the BMW’s filthy windows.

Rather than just being a re-badged version of someone else’s product this one seems to be a bit of a star if the results of my first use are anything to go by.

A clear liquid that has a lovely minty smell, it flashes quickly and gave me a lovely, clean, streak-free crystal shine.

Motul Glass Clean costs £9 for a 500ml spray (brilliant triggers, by the way) and their specialist short-nap microfibre glass cloth costs £4.27.


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