The Lancia Monte Carlo is almost an honorary kitcar! Especially when a few of them have been used as a donor various Italianate rally replicas such as the Lancia Abarth 037, over the years.

Whenever GAZ produces a one-off suspension component for a customer, they then add that part to their catalogue and make it available for other owners of that vehicle model.

This can sometimes lead to some quite obscure parts becoming available. One such example is the GAZ solid suspension mounts for the Lancia Monte Carlo.

These billet aluminium mounts replace the rubber mounts used on production cars and provide a stiffer and more positive suspension location for cars that are used exclusively in competition or on trackdays. This ensures the ideal set-up for classic racing but this would be too hard and noisy for general road use.

The GAZ solid suspension mounts for the Lancia Monte Carlo retail at £127.34 plus VAT per pair.

For further details visit the GAZ website: ENDS.