I really like the new Slick & Slide from Adam’s Polishes. It’s the latest addition to their growing range of products and is a quick detailer or for those more serious car care fiends amongst the totalkitcar.com readership, it is really best described as a ‘topper’ and ‘in-between washes’ product.

Adam’s say that it contains unique polymers that give it the hydrophobicity or bead-making ability.

I used it on my two-tone Smart ForFour, which looks great when it’s clean but definitely not when it’s covered in road crud.  Trouble is, not only are there two colours involved here but also a combination of steel and GRP for the bonnet and front wings.

Therefore, not all detailing products work as well on it as on other cars that I have tried them on. I decided to give Turtle Wax’s new Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Acrylic Black Wax a go on the, er, black paintwork and Slick & Slide on the yellow.

I pre-washed, shampooed, decontaminated, sealed and waxed the body and then gave the yellow parts a couple of coats of Slick & Slide. Did it work? Yes. Did it leave the paint feeling slippy? Yes, you bet. Is it hydrophobic? Yes again. Crazily so, in fact.

What’s more, I love the bright yellow colour and the (I think) pineapple pong. You can almost apply it with a single microfibre cloth it is that easy to use. A quick spray, one panel at a time and then turn the cloth over and buff to a deep, lustrous shine. Well impressed.

A 473ml spray bottle costs just £12.99 from our mate Jeff at Prestige Car Care – www.prestigecarcareshop.com ENDS.