Water rails are designed to simplify the cooling system and plumbing of the engine when installed in-line in a rear-wheel-drive kitcar.

Zetec engines have water outlets at the back of the head; in most RWD applications these original outlet housings foul the bulkhead. Water rails are designed to transfer this outlet to the front of the engine thereby making the plumbing simpler and neater.

Burton Power offers two different water rails for the Zetec E engine. Both Water Rails are suitable for the Ford Zetec E 16v Silver Top -05/98 engine and the Ford Zetec E 16v Black Top 05/98-.

The first, from Raceline, connects to a crossflow thermostat housing which must be purchased separately [crossflow thermostat housing FP610 at £39.95 or a specially modified housing FP610M at £81.60]. Fitting kit FZ471 at £12.50 will also be required.

Order as part number FZ470. Retail price: £240.00 inc. VAT.

The second water rail comes from Retroford. This rail incorporates a thermostat at the rear of the rail and provides a 38mm outlet on the exhaust side of the engine. Bypass outlets allow limited water circulation whilst the thermostat is closed. The Retroford rail is supplied with a thermostat, temperature gauge switch, electric fan switch and a fitting kit.

Order as part number FZ48. Retail price: £233.50 inc. VAT.

for further details contact Burton Power on 0208 554 2281 www.burtonpower.com ENDS.