Solar power is continuously gaining momentum and popularity and this new solar-powered battery charger from Gunson (part no: 77170) is an effective way to charge and maintain 12-volt batteries. It prevents batteries from being damaged if they completely discharge. It will work in all daylight conditions and is fully weather resistant.

Modern cars draw a lot of power from their battery, powering systems such as clocks, alarms, immobilisers and trackers. When the vehicle is not being used regularly the alternator doesn’t get a chance to top the battery up. Returning from holiday to discover a flat battery is less than ideal. This solar-powered battery charger will trickle charge your vehicle’s battery, helping compensate for electronic drain and natural wastage.

The charging rate in bright conditions is 4.5W, which is ideal to maintain voltage and prevent battery drain in cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, boats, etc. Features four suction-cup mounts which will position the unit securely on a smooth surface. Suction-cup mounts can also be positioned on the solar panel side so that the unit can be mounted inside windscreens, windows, etc. Connects through the vehicle’s 12V accessory socket with the supplied adaptor or direct to the battery with the supplied crocodile clips.

It is available now for a typical price of £53.35 (price includes VAT) but remember to check your local supplier for the best prices and special offers.

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