When it comes to car care it’s great to use quality microfibre towels and drying towels along with tyre applicator pads and wheel cleaning brushes and the like. An area where I often think could be improved upon is when it comes to cleaning your car’s interior.

There are some lovely potions and elixirs available to clean, condition and protect plastic trim but I have lost count of the times I’ve tried to clean an air-vent or get in tight to a switch on the dashboard or centre console only to be left a bit let-down because I just couldn’t reach the irritating dust or crud.

Help could well be at hand courtesy of Hygan Car Care and the Stoke-on-Trent-based company produce what appears to be the ideal solution for getting into tight spaces. Their seven-piece car care starter kit is full of innovation.

Premium synthetic sponges in various shapes and sizes that are attached to sticks that can be poked and prodded into air-vents and other hard to reach areas within your car’s interior.

The best bit is the price. Just £15.

Available via www.hygancarcare.com or 01782 613 936 ENDS.