Burton Power claims that this is the most efficient dry-sump system currently available. It is suitable for YB Cosworth (N/A & turbo) and SOHC Pinto engines from clubman level up to serious full race.

The kit includes a smooth cast aluminium sump pan with a sealing O-ring to the block face, mounting bosses for a crank sensor bracket, twin filtered scavenge pick-ups and an integral baffle assembly.

The sump also contains various external mounting points which makes it possible to use a custom-made cradle to mount the 4wd front differential whilst providing clearance for the driveshaft.

The pump mounts on the distributor side of the block and drives from the jackshaft and is a gear type, rather than the more usual rotor type, which gives it many advantages:

Suitable for most Ford SOHC Pinto applications and Cosworth YB 16v Turbo applications that means loads of potential for kitcar use.
Order as OPIDSK1 at £1725.00 inc VAT.

Further details on 0208 554 2281 or via www.burtonpower.com ENDS.