This new thirteen-piece Turbo System Tester set from Laser Tools (part number 7981) is designed to charge the turbo system with a low pressure of regulated workshop air to indicate the presence of leaks within the system. To fit most turbo systems on cars and light commercial vehicles, HGVs and marine systems. Use to pressure test turbo pipes, intercoolers and also cooling systems pipes and radiators when looking for leaks.

The kit includes twelve stepped adaptors for the following pipe sizes: 31 – 38mm, 46 – 51mm, 55 – 60mm, 65 – 70mm, 75 – 80mm and 85 – 90mm. The pressure gauge is provided with an adjustable regulator and a shut-off valve to help prevent over pressurisation.

The turbo pipework is split at a suitable junction; a suitable sized adaptor from the set is fitted to the hose to be tested, then with the pressure regulator initially set to a low figure (circa 5psi), the compressed air line is connected. If a leak is heard, or if the pressure gauge pointer falls, it indicates that the system has a fault resulting in loss of pressure. If the gauge pointer remains steady for one minute, it will indicate that the system is in good working order.

The set is supplied in a sturdy foam-lined storage case and is available now from your local Laser Tools stockist, typically priced at £239.88 inc VAT.

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