Revolving on the end of your crankshaft, the flywheel helps keep your engine efforts to a minimum every time you drive. Once it gains momentum it acts as a mechanical battery and the faster it spins, the more energy it will store.

If you have plans in place for a performance air-cooled engine build in the coming months, you’ll be keen to lighten this rotating mass to encourage engine revs and improve acceleration and performance.

Produced by SSP, their lightened flywheel is for 12v air-cooled cars with 200mm clutch and shaves more than two kilograms off the weight of a standard unit. Forged for maximum strength, it should be installed in conjunction with an eight-dowel crankshaft, say stockists Heritage Parts Centre.

In exchange for £162.95 and a quick phone call to 01273 444 000 their team will deliver one to your door. If you prefer to shop online, surf on over to and search for AC105780F before doing the deed with a card or PayPal. More from ENDS.