There’s a big soft spot for VW bays and Splitties on this website so this press release appealed to me so I decided to run it here.

Whether it is for extra ventilation on the move, or to air the van out after cooking breakfast in the morning, opening side windows are a great idea for Split Bus owners.

Heritage Parts Centre has been in touch with news of these great kits containing almost everything you need to let the fresh airflow. Hailing from the USA, their kits include the window frame, the glass, the catch and the seals, all you need on top are hinges which may be present on your bus already.

The window frames are supplied in a raw steel finish, making them suitable for painting or powder coating in keeping with your colourscheme.

To bag yourself a set breeze on over to with £209.95 in your back pocket and browse for 211-898-105/A. Alternatively, give their team a tinkle on 01273 444 000 and they’ll take care of the transaction for you ENDS.