The Ford Atlas Axle started life in the 1960s being used in the Transit Mk1. It proved tough and durable and was soon used in the powerful V6 Capri model as a heavy-duty alternative to the English axle. Plenty of these used in kitcars, too.
It was later used in most of the Capri Mk2/3 range, the 2.0/2.3 Cortinas, the later Transit models and continued on into the Sierra range in the P100 pick-up truck.

Its heavy-duty ability made it suitable for competition use, but its weight counted against it due to its cast-iron casing.

Burton Power now has a lightweight alloy casing for the Atlas ‘pigs head’ differential housing which has been manufactured to take the larger 60mm axle tubes specifically for competition use.

The alloy housing can be ordered as part number AXAT11 and retails at £759.50 inc VAT. It is suitable for most Capri models and modified competition Escort Mk1/Mk2 using a narrow Atlas/Mk 1 Capri unit.

Available from or at the other end of 0208 554 2281 ENDS.