The Lucas PL700 ‘Tripod’ headlight was much-loved during its production and it has been frustrating for classic car and classic-flavoured kitcar owners not to be able to buy the original lights.

Copies have been made in recent times produced using modern H4 halogen bulbs but the overall quality has been regarded as poor by enthusiasts.

A solution could be at hand as Better Car Lighting of Warwickshire has teamed-up with a highly-regarded European headlight manufacturer to reproduce these high-quality items.

They have gained all of the relevant type approvals and this is the first time that conventional 7in round headlights have been developed to specifically perform perfectly, not only with halogen bulbs but also with 4Sight Classic High Power LED bulb systems.

The 4Sight bulbs produce just 40 per cent as much power as a halogen bulb but create almost three times the light output.

The headlights and bulbs come with a five-year warranty against fault or failure and are guaranteed to pass an MoT lighting test.

A pair of these headlights supplied with filament bulbs cost £239.97 inc VAT, a pair with LED bulbs cost £351.97 inc VAT or a pair equipped with pilot light bulbs cost £395.97 inc VAT.

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