New from our friends at Darkside Developments, official UK agents for the KTM X-BOW is the latest addition to their inventory. They can now supply the brilliant products of Hampshire-based TentBox.

What’s a TentBox? How about a space-saving camping facility right on the roof of your car – hardtop only, of course!

Three models are available – Lite (£995), Cargo (£2495) and the model pictured here, the Classic (£1995) and all are fully insulated, have waterproof seams, can be put up in winds of up to 38mph and the canvas-type material beads water like a Gore-Tex jacket etc.

In the case of the Classic, it weighs 64.5kg and attaches to crossbars so at no point does it actually sit on your car’s roof.

The Classic folds away into a pack size of just 2.1m x 1.25m.

More information from or 01226 827 999 ENDS.