When it comes to braided hoses, AN and JIC fittings, hose ends and related hardware, a company with over 25-years’ experience and long favoured by specialist car enthusiasts is Cheddar-based, Speedflow.

Their products are beautifully engineered and benefit from ongoing research and development and the company, run by Fay Fischer, have a solution for any performance hose and/or automotive plumbing problem. This is especially handy in the kitcar world where many car builders create bespoke plumbing that requires a bespoke bit of problem-solving. That’s where Speedflow can help.

Fay has a background in motorsport so understands that requirements aren’t always the same. Speedflow’s products can be found gracing many of the world’s most successful racecars and dragsters.

Actually, Fay has a real pedigree in the world of drag racing since 1992 competing in some seriously rapid and well-regarded machinery in classes like Super-Pro and Top Alcohol Class. If Speedflow’s hoses and hose ends can cope with the demands of top fuel dragsters running 6-second passes producing colossal horsepower often encouraged by the addition of nitrous then they’ll work on say your Cobra replica and the like.

For more information visit www.speedflow.co.uk or 01934 864 310 ENDS.