Innovative dash cam manufacturer, DDPAI, is pleased to announce the launch of its ultra HD dashcam, the Mola N3. With the number of cars increasing, dash cams are becoming a new favourite gadget for drivers to ensure that they can capture crucial evidence in the event of an incident and quickly resolve any disputes by recording their entire journey. The Mola N3 is the latest release from DDPAI with great quality and field of vision and is available from for $59.99 and for £49.99.

Prioritising high-quality recordings, the DDPAI Mola N3 provides ultra HD recordings with six sets of full-glass lenses with infrared filters and a 140-degree wide-angle. With 1600P ultra HD and 2k+ lossless UHD resolution and 5MP CMOS image sensor, the hardware has the ability to record clear and high-quality video evidence which can be shared for insurance purposes.

A durable solution, the DDPAI Mola N3 uses supercapacitor which has greater heat and cold endurance and a longer lifetime than standard battery technology. Able to survive extreme weather conditions from -20℃ to70℃, the supercapacitor energy conversion is achieved through electric field changes which does not rely on chemical reactions, making the charging faster, the internal resistance smaller and the number of cycles greater with less impact from temperature.

Featuring a unique two-fold rotationally-symmetrical connector design, the Type-C connector captures videos in front, around and inside the car providing extra support and evidence for professional drivers such as taxi and lorry drivers. Simply placing the axis bracket wherever desired will allow for views outside the car or even for use to vlog a road trip!

Packed with features, the dashcam will keep a user’s car safe and protected when on the road or parked. With Sense Reality (SR) Sci-Fi black technology, the dashcam has a built-in high-precision 6-axis gyroscope that can sensitively assess and record driving performance under various conditions such as sharp acceleration or turns, uphill and downhill and lane changes as well as synchronously generating an exclusive cool track interface for instant sharing.