This is yet another part that is exclusive to Mini Spares. 

The GAE131 Reversing Light Switch (Remote Type) is designed to fit Mini three and four-synchro gearboxes (except for rod change types which use GAE191).

This switch replaces the plug on the front of the remote-shift transmission case. It is triggered internally by the shift linkage when reverse is selected. 

The Mini Spares GAE131 Reversing Light Switch retails at £30.00 inc. VAT.

This might, at first, sound a little expensive for a switch; there are plenty of cheaper switches on the market purporting to be for 3 and 4-synchro gearboxes (some even have the same part number), but many of them have the wrong thread and plunger size and you only find out when you’ve bought them and tried to fit them. 

All of a sudden, thirty quid for one that is correct and works doesn’t seem so expensive, does it?

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