The very talented and extremely innovative engineer Cal Trump of T89 Design also has another string to his bow and it’s one that is keeping him very busy.

He also runs RaceCarWings and offers an off-the-shelf range of wings and spoilers, plus can offer a bespoke service while Cal can also refurbish your existing wing.

This superb Ariel Atom features some of Cal Trump’s wings and general aero input

Among his range are:

Bootlid Wings

Perfect for the bootlid or hatch of Saloon, Sports and GT Cars. An Eppler profile provides incredibly efficient downforce.

Pillars come with national flags cut in, current options:
Union Jack
Rising Sun
Stars and Stripes
Tricolor (vertical)
​Tricolor (horizontal)

220mm Chord x <1500mm Wide sub-4Kg

£545 (inc VAT) Mainplane, Endplates and Mount Brackets
​£595 (inc VAT) As above & with Mounting Pillars and Feet

Car specific versions are available and can be designed to order:

Circuit Wings

Aimed at the circuit racing Single Seater, this is their smallest hand-built aluminium wing. Lightweight, strong and re-build-able.

360mm Chord x <1000mm Wide sub-5Kg
Endplates, Mounts and Fixings included.

​£550 (inc VAT)

Sprint Wings

A wider version of the circuit wing for Single Seaters running sprints and hillclimbs.

360mm Chord x 1000-1250mm Wide
Endplates, Mounts and Fixings included.

​£575 (inc VAT)

Front Wings

A front wing for all Single Seaters, 1250mm wide as standard with various options for secondary flaps.

310mm Chord (Mainplane) x 1250mm Wide

​£650 (inc VAT)

Full-Width Wings

Designed for Time Attack, Sports Racers and Thundersaloons, 360mm chord made up to 1700mm wide (Single Plane) and 1500mm (dual plane) with 220mm secondary plane added.

Single Plane:
360mm Chord x 1250-1700mm Wide
£675 (inc VAT)

Dual Plane:
360mm Chord + 220mm Chord 1250-1500mm Wide
​£800 (Inc VAT)

Total Downforce Package

When drag isn’t a factor and all you need is more downforce. Cal’s 460mm Chord mainplane + a 220mm Chord secondary element both up to 1500mm wide with extra-large endplates.

460 + 220mm Upto 1500mm wide

​£1050 (inc VAT)

More information from or 07876 887 353 ENDS.