Our new SPECIAL EDITION publication is OUT NOW – It’s called CLASSIC KITCARS & SPECIALS, so the content matter is pretty obvious.


All features are brand new and NOT reprints but we have delved into our photo archive, the most extensive and detailed in the industry dating back to the fifties. I’d like to think if I’m looking for an obscure kitcar then I’ll find at least one print in the file…

Why a classic flavour? Well, by public demand really. You are telling me you are liking the archive content we run, dear reader, so we decided to pursue that idea properly. I think it also helps that (even though it makes me feel so old!) I was around when the companies we feature in the mag were active and know the people involved and more than likely drove at least one of their cars. As I said that makes me feel OLD!

Why Classic Kit Cars & Specials? Simple really. When I started in this magazine game in 1984 (what was I saying about being old?) I started on a fledgling mag called KIT CARS & SPECIALS and the people I met back then, the people I worked with, the laughs I had, have stayed with me ever since. Real formative stuff.

The mag is available for PRE-ORDER now and will be shipped NOW.

RRP is £7.99 – We’ll happily ship overseas, of course, but Airmail cost precludes us from sending it free, I’m afraid.

CLICK HERE to order your copy NOW.