I am on record as saying that I have issues with lots of glass cleaners. Many, frankly, are rubbish, while others might clean your glass but leave an irritating, smeary residue behind.

However, there are some good ones out there and a couple of new arrivals are among the best I’ve tried – Akira Brand’s Topaz and Revive Auto Apothecary’s Glass Cleaner, while this one from Mint Classic is also a corker.

The pleasant green colour is pleasing on the eye although there is a heady whiff of alcohol, which in this case is good. The product’s formula means it evaporates very quickly and it helps cut through grease and dirt on glass and composites such as Perspex and Macrolan.

I found it very easy to achieve a clean, streak-free, crystal finish. A 500ml spray bottle costs £6.95 and more information is available from www.mintclassic.co.uk ENDS.