A dry-sump system offers many advantages over a standard factory ‘wet’ sump.

Engine reliability is improved thanks to a more consistent oil pressure especially when cornering, there is an increased oil capacity due to a large external reservoir and the engine can be mounted lower in the vehicle as there is no large oil pan which helps lower the centre of gravity thereby improving handling and aerodynamics.

Fitting a dry-sump system to the Pinto engine has never been easier thanks to this conversion kit from Burton Power. Most of the conversion is a simple bolt-on affair with only the front of the jackshaft pulley needing minor machining in a lathe to provide a suitable location for the oil pump drive pulley.

The dry sump is produced from cast aluminium and has ¾in scavenge outlets. The sump has a cut out in the centre of the trough and suits applications that require clearances for crossmembers, which enables the engine block to be positioned as low as possible. The sump has three additional M10 mounting locations at the front and also provides a mounting location for a Cosworth YB crank TDC sensor bracket.

The kit uses a Titan Series 2 oil pump with three stages (two scavenge and one pressure stage).
The oil pump is mounted to the distributor side of the block and driven by a gear fixed to the jackshaft pulley.

The kit can be ordered as part number DSE056AK at £1425.

Available from www.burtonpower.com or 0208 554 2281 ENDS.