I do like a tub of paste wax. I have a bit of a collection. One of my favourites also has one of the longest names. Lava Luminous Glow Infusion Paste Wax! It comes from Californian-based Chemical Guys. I like a lot of the company’s myriad products, all of them seemingly having a beautiful smell about them, while most – not all – work superbly, I find.

One of their best, in my view, is Lava. It has a lovely whiff of mango (I think) is a very soft paste and a little goes a very long way. Simply puts some on a sponge applicator, one panel at a time and let it cure.

Once it’s hazy, then simply buff off with a quality, clean microfibre towel. It seems to work best on black paint. It somehow brings out the mica-effect in the paint. It is very durable and forms a shell on the surface.

It really goes crazy when it rains. Millions of beads and it lasts months per application in my experience. An 8-ounce (about 227gm) pot costs £73.69 and lasts a decent amount of time and as mentioned it gives great results and is a joy to use.

In the UK it is available from a variety of stockists including www.slimsdetailing.co.uk or 0333 222 9944 ENDS.