As the UK emerges tentatively from the Covid-19 pandemic, many have been reconsidering their lifestyle choices, perhaps with a move from the city to the countryside or reassessing their work/life balance.

Artisan British kitcar manufacturer, Marlin Sportscars, is hoping to tap into the ‘new normal’ following the retirement of the company’s MD Terry Matthews, two exciting business opportunities are coming to the market.

Having briefly tested the water in 2019, a restructuring of the Marlin Sportscars portfolio now makes it far easier and affordable for any would-be kitcar manufacturer to enter this exciting scene (or an existing manufacturer to add to their existing range).

Previously available as a whole, the traditionally styled Sportster and Cabrio models will now be available as stand-alone projects from the mid-engined EXi, which is available separately.

The new slimmed-down options now represent a genuinely unique opportunity for anyone looking for a new and exciting lifestyle change to run their own kitcar manufacturing business.

Marlin is one of the oldest names in the kitcar industry, with a 40-year heritage that has been built on high-quality engineering and clean and elegant styling. Since 1993 it has resided with its current owner, who is now looking to retire and find an enthusiastic and energetic new custodian who can take the business on.

There are two exciting business opportunities …

Marlin’s BMW-based Sportster can be offered with M3 power or, in the case of the company demonstrator, 3-litre turbo diesel 6-cylinder delivering over 360ft lb of torque! 

Marlin Sportscars, including Sportster and Cabrio

This main package carries with it the prestige of the Marlin Sportscars name and encompasses both the BMW-based Marlin Sportster and Cabrio. Included are all jigs, moulds, rights to the Marlin name and all associated IP. With a large number of cars produced over the years, there is great potential for spares supply to existing owners, as well as ongoing sales of new cars and kits.

Price: Offers in excess of £45,000


Mid-engined EXi is a high-performance road and trackday weapon, with distinctive styling and a VW/Audi sourced powertrain.


This second package relates to the mid-engined EXi, which again will include all moulds, jigs, associated hardware and IP. This exciting VW/Audi based sports car could slot easily into an existing kit car business as a proven additional model or form the foundation for a brand-new manufacturing opportunity.

Price: Offers in excess of £9995.

Both packages will come with a reasonable period of technical support to get you up and running as swiftly as possible.

In addition to the two manufacturing opportunities, the company’s current Sportster demonstrator is for sale separately. This spectacular burgundy 3-litre turbo-diesel-powered machine boasts over 200bhp and 360ft lb of torque and is utterly unique. With little more than running-in mileage, it’s available for just £20,000.

A brilliant car the Sportster and the diesel-powered demo, a snip at £20K is hilarious fun. Terry is a good friend of mine and TKC Mag’s so serious enquiries only PLEASE.

To express your interest and find out more, contact Terry Matthews. T: 07966 700 715. E: ENDS.