Loving the way that Revive Auto Apothecary approaches car care. Great packaging and a really great attitude to the subject.

They blend their own stuff and greatly enjoy what they do making their products in small batches that are bottled and signed by one technician. They have also just moved into a new unit that gives them more shelf space and a dedicated detailing bay.

I tried out their 01 Pre-Clean – Snow Foam last weekend and rate it very highly. I love the colour and smell, both of which are important to me in car care products and I was very impressed with the sheer level of foam it produced.

It works on impact helping to dislodge road grime, traffic film and general crud, while also reducing the risk of swirl marks by lubricating your car’s surface meaning that when you tackle the next stage – shampooing, you will find that the wash mitt doesn’t drag or even scratch.

As mentioned, the foam was very thick and equally as impressive was the dwell time. Anything over five minutes is more than acceptable for a snow foam to stick around so the eleven minutes that I timed the Revive product is truly excellent. The suds seem to cling to my car like a limpet!

There really is something extremely special about this one, from the vibrant blue colour to the heady aroma to the quality of the product itself. A winner on all counts. A 500ml bottle costs just £10.45 and is available via the company’s appointed stockists or direct from www.nowrevive.co.uk ENDS.