Bird poo. It’s one of the things that car dealers, valeters and owners fear most. If left on car bodywork it can cause all sorts of harm including etching marks, lacquer damage and faded spots.

But now, Royal Warranted car-care expert Autoglym has launched a brand new, innovative product that will repair bird lime deposits quickly, harmlessly and with minimal hands-on use.

Autoglym Reflow is a water-activated heat treatment that you simply apply and leave while it works its magic on dull and etched lacquer surfaces. You simply activate it with water and apply the Reflow pack to the damaged area. It carefully heats up the lacquer surface and allows it to ‘self-heal’ as the damaged lacquer – which can become distorted or misshapen around festering bird lime – flows into itself to seal the damaged area.

Reflow takes just 30 minutes to work and offers repairers huge labour-saving opportunities. You simply activate it and leave it, meaning a smart repair operator can get on with other tasks. Traditionally, wet sanding and abrasive polishing damaged lacquer to affect a repair could take a couple of hours to achieve the same result.

While it won’t necessarily work on old or badly tarnished paint finishes, most minor imperfections on modern paint finishes will be instantly and permanently repaired with minimal user intervention, making it ideal for smart repair operators as well as dealers who are returning to work following lockdown, where deposits left on stock vehicles may have caused damage due to a lack of cleaning during the enforced shutdown of car dealerships.

Paul Caller, CEO of Autoglym, said: “Reflow is a truly innovative product as it allows a very simple, effort-free means of permanently repairing minor paint imperfections, potentially saving a considerable amount of money that would otherwise be spent on respraying or re-lacquering an entire body panel. We believe this is the most innovative product the automotive refinishing industry has seen in years and offers a great profit opportunity to those offering smart repairs and localised bodywork refurbishment. It’s entirely pain-free and effortless to apply.”

In order to test Reflow to the max, Autoglym even developed its own synthetic ‘bird poo’ in various formulations, causing damage to body panels, all at its UK laboratories.

Reflow is part of Autoglym’s range of products specifically designed for automotive industry professionals and is simple to use, as well as inexpensive. It has been designed and developed wholly at the company’s UK headquarters in Letchworth, Herts, and is made there as well – a true British innovation.

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