Japanese brand, Soft 99 has won many friends in the UK with their excellent paste waxes led by Fusso Coat, which has really established itself on the car care scene.

The company offers a full range of products – some of them still a little ‘left-field’ for UK enthusiasts such as their Smooth Egg shampoo! However, it’s their paste wax that does the trick for us, thus far.

Their new Speed & Barrier Spray Wax is said to be a liquid version of their Fusso Coat and is described as having a colour tinting formula that adds high gloss to your car’s paintwork. It certainly does that and also seems to have incredible hydrophobicity (little beads when it rains basically!), which the makers claim can last up to six months.

Too early to confirm that or otherwise but I’ll report back on its longevity. Soft 99 says that it can be used as a standalone wax product or as a gloss booster aka as a ‘topper’.

I tend to use it as the latter and applied three layers (Yes, I know, I can’t help myself!) and I have to say that the gloss levels are impressive.

A 500ml spray bottle costs £15.95 with more information from www.cleanyourcar.co.uk ENDS.