I was out for a walk the other day and got talking to a bloke doing a nice job on cleaning his car (from a safe distance of course!). I always like to see what products other people use on their vehicles.

As it happens he was using some decent products and I was quietly impressed until I saw what he was applying to the faded black bumpers on his car. It smelt like old engine oil and when I challenged him he confirmed that is exactly what it was. He swore by it and reckons it brings the old plastic up a treat.

Moving swiftly on, I think I can sympathise – sort of – with the man. Cleaning sad-looking plastic and rubber, which let’s face it can bring down the appearance of an otherwise shiny car, can be a real headache.

I’ve used – and own – countless products that claim to be the saviour and will rid me of faded and nasty-looking plastic trim. Therefore, when the good folk at Dark Matter Detailing sent me a bottle of their Dark Cure Rubber & Plastic Trim Restorer I was initially slightly sceptical.

These concoctions can whiff a bit horrible too, but the first thing that grabbed me about Dark Cure was the pleasant aroma. It appears to be a thickish, viscous liquid that I applied directly to the area of fade on the front splitter of a car I’m prepping to sell (you can also spray onto an applicator too).

A spray-on and a quick wipe off and – wow! A restored and black again front splitter. It also brought up other areas of the car a treat too. Really impressive and highly recommended stuff and a snip at just £9 for a 500ml spray bottle.

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