Oxfordshire-based Krystal Kleen Detail makes some cool car care products and I’d been hearing good things about their Choccy Wash Hi-Foaming Shampoo so I decided to give it a try. Faced with a sand-covered car (how?) the other day I decided to break out the buckets and the Worx Hydroshot and put it to work.

The ‘Choccy’ part of the name gives the clue that there could be chocolate afoot! When you take the cap off the bottle be prepared for the most lovely aroma of finest Belgian milk chocolate. Don’t leave a chocolate milkshake around while using the product as you’d probably run the risk of picking it up to drink it so PLEASE don’t do that!

It foamed well in my bucket, while I did a separate application via my foam cannon attachment. It doesn’t contain any gloss enhancers or modifiers and offers exceptional value for money as it can be diluted 250:1 although I’m always a little bit more generous with my dosing than that, to be honest.

Much like my failures at BBQs, I have to see a roaring flame (wrong!) I do like suds and loads of them.

Oh my, that smell is intoxicating. Attracted the bees while in use I have to say!

The product is pH-neutral and has anti-mar properties. In case you were wondering, some seemingly good car shampoos do gloss your car up nicely but in certain lights, they can leave shadowy smears (marring) that can be a pig to shift.

At just £6.49 for a 500ml bottle – or £10.49 for 1-litre – this is recommended. Oh and this isn’t a sponsored review as I paid real money for my bottle on the ‘bay of E’!

More information and to order visit www.krystalkleendetailstore.co.uk or 01869 350 601 ENDS.