Here’s a great product from a superb UK car care brand, Auto Finesse called Lavish a ceramic-based snow foam.

I like Auto Finesse as they are a boutique company that has grown quite large with its products now stocked on the shelves of Halfords. However, they still retain their enthusiast-led drive and passion and among their growing range lurk some outstanding products.

First off, Lavish has a wonderful scent which my nose tells me is either watermelon or a fruit salad chew. If I had to pick one, I’d say it was the latter.

The idea is not only does it help protect your car’s bodywork from assault from road crud, it helps prevent it too, while also producing plenty of all-important beads (or to use the technically correct terminology, ‘hydrophobicity’). Most importantly, it adds a layer of Si02 ceramic coating to the car’s surface.

Wash and thoroughly clean your car (I used Angelwax Cleanliness as step one, but I could just as easily have reached for another Auto Finesse product) and apply Lavish to a wet surface – ideally applying via a foam lance – working from bottom to top.

Once applied it quickly encapsulates the dirt, while it foamed very well, too. Overall, I am very impressed by Lavish. A 500ml bottle costs £12.95 or a litre a £19.95.

You can get it from Auto Finesse themselves, Halfords stores, or other appointed stockists including the good guys at Slim’s Detailing.

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