Tilton has been designing and manufacturing brake components for over 40 years and Merlin Motorsport stocks their full range, which includes Tilton’s own Master Cylinders and Kits, Pedal Assemblies and Pedal Assembly Bulkhead, Chamber Brake Fluid Reservoirs, Brake Proportioning Valves and Service Repair Kit, Standard Brake Bias Adjuster cable and Throttle Linkage.

Merlin Tilton range can be viewed – go to – TILTON BRAKE PARTS

Merlin boss, Steven Roberts told me: “We’ve had quite a few customers asking for advice about how the Tilton throttle linkage actually fits and works with the floor-mounted pedal assembly.

“Having been slightly perplexed about this ourselves we decided to fit the two together taking photos along the way.  Tilton’s own instructions supplied with the linkage are good but not easy to follow without seeing all in practice. CLICK HERE TO READ OUR ‘HOW TO’ GUIDE

Will do Steven.

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