Currently on special offer in their Garage & Workshop Promotion for 2020 are Sealey’s – Schumacher® Wheeled RoadStart® Emergency Jump Starters.

Their 12v output sockets can be used as a memory saver, as well as powering accessories such as mini compressors, and with thanks to their retractable handle and puncture-proof Ø200mm wheels they are totally portable.

These two Emergency Jump Starters have heavy-duty clamps with braided links between each jaw for maximum power transmission and the Anderson Connectors allow selection of 0/12/24V and the analogue voltmeter will show you its internal battery level.

For your protection the PBIW4600 & PBIW6200 have an audible warning system (AWS) signals reverse polarity, to ensure clamps are the correct way around before use, a fuse integrated in the (+) clamp that provides short-circuit and overload protection, 4Amp patented microprocessor controlled maintenance charger with speed charging and thermal runaway protection and is also equipped with a double-insulated and ultra-flexible 50mm² cable.

As above, both of these products have many of the same capabilities and distinct uses but their main difference is their power ratings. The PBIW4600 is suited to high performance (2x 23Ah) AGM battery and is specially formulated to jump-start up to 500bhp diesel vehicles. Whereas the PBIW6200 high performance (2x 32Ah) AGM battery is specially formulated to jump-start up to 1500bhp diesel vehicles.

Sealey’s complete product range can be viewed on their new website at ENDS.