Tim Dunlop’s GBS Zero is a BRILLIANT example of the breed

Great British Sports Cars has this week announced a brand new Ultimate Self Assembly comprehensive kit package for their GBS Zero 2.

The new option is available in five stages. Phase One is the chassis pack at £4501, Phase Two adds plumbing at £1391, Phase Three deals with suspension parts at £7734, Phase Four is the engine (recommended unit is the Ford Duratec 2.5-litre, with Mazda MX-5 five-speed gearbox, incidentally) at £10,786 and Phase Five is the wheels and finishing touches kit at £3364.

Take the whole lot in one go and it will cost you £27,777 inc VAT.

NEW GBS Zero 2 Ultimate Self Assembly comprehensive kit package

There are options still being announced but thus far you can have traction control at £840 and a quick-release steering wheel at £138. If you prefer their wider GT chassis it will add £980 to the total. Finance options are available on all or part of the packages.

The company still offers the Zero Mazda single donor kit and Custom kit. Click here to visit their other Zero Self Build options or visit www.greatbritishsportscars.co.uk or even call them on 01623 860 990 ENDS.