Latest product from leading car care company, Tenzi is their Wet Wax product.

The Tenzi products are produced in Poland, where the company (motto ‘advantage through quality’) is one of the market-leaders.

Wet Wax is recommended for use when your car has just been washed but the surface is still wet. It gives a great level of protection and contains liquid quartz particles and after a few weeks since application the hydrophobic (water beading) properties are usually seen on products costing four times as much.

Application is simple and it flashes quickly. You won’t be chasing smears around your car’s surface, as it wipes off quickly to a very shiny finish.

It can also be used a ‘topper’ to your existing protection. What is amazing about the Tenzi stuff is the incredible low prices that seem to undercut most UK-made budget products while giving enthusiasts proper premium potions and elixirs.

I was really impressed with this one dear reader especially the 600ml spray bottle price of just £5.09!

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