Now you need this in your toolbox: it’s a Plastic Multipurpose Trim and Seal Tool Kit from Laser Tools (part number 7709). It’s a light-duty, multipurpose, sixteen-piece toolkit. There are trim removing heads and pry bars. A selection of scrapers – which are great for removing sealant and cleaning and preparing machined faces on manifolds and cylinder heads and the composite construction will not damage the metal.

With the pick-tools and seal and O-ring removal tools, it all adds up to a particularly versatile and useful little tool kit, manufactured from light but very strong composite material.

The set includes three prying and smoothing tools; 3 O-ring removal tools, six scraper tools with both angled and flat heads; three pick hooks useful for removing bearing seals, etc and a spike tool. Fourteen of the tools are double-ended, with a different tool each end so you really will find a multitude of uses for this set – and all supplied in a handy zip wallet.

Available now from your Laser Tools stockist: the 7615 mini precision hammer set is typically priced at £60.96 inc VAT.

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