FUELAB H/E Series Brushless Twin-Screw Fuel Pumps are incredibly efficient thanks to a lightweight, low-current draw DC brushless motor and a twin-screw rotor pump that can maintain fuel flow at pressures up to 125 PSI with improved resistance to cavitation (vapour lock). The pumps ‘wet’ motor design has no dynamic shaft seals that can wear out, and they are compatible with gasoline, diesel, ethanol-blend fuels, and methanol.

The FUELAB Brushless Twin-Screw Fuel Pumps are available in three flow ratings:
• 250 LPH at 45 PSI, supports up to 625bhp
• 350 LPH at 45 PSI, supports up to 850bhp
• 500 LPH at 45 PSI, supports 1250bhp

474 and 484 Series Fuel Pumps
The 474 Series external-mount pumps have a continuous-duty motor and an integrated controller – no external voltage regulator or pump controller required. The 484 Series in-tank pumps can be run with existing outputs compatible with DC brushless motors or with a FUELAB 7200 Series controller with pulse width modulation (PWM) speed control.

617 Series Fuel Surge Tank Systems
The 617 Series systems have an H/E Series fuel pump inside a surge tank. This design eliminates fuel slosh and surge by maintaining a ready volume of fuel – perfect for road race, drift, and off-road racing where sudden G-force changes are an issue. Features include:
• Choice of 2.1- or 2.7-litre surge tank
• Integrated controller with PWM speed control
• Optional Upgrade Accessory Kit includes floor mount bracket, hardware, hose, and fitting

Flange-Mount Fuel Pump
This pump is designed to fit 10-bolt mounts commonly used with fuel cells or fabricated reservoirs. It weighs just over a kilo, has an integrated controller with PWM speed control, and will fit cells or tanks between 7¾in  and 16in deep.


Summit Racing also carries FUELAB pump controllers, mount and hose kits, bulkhead wiring connectors, and in-tank strainers to help your pump work better.