An extraordinary high-performance cutting compound for ambitious detailers, Scholl Concepts claims that their new S2 BLACK sets new benchmarks for processing, gloss level and cutting power!

Scholl Concepts S2 BLACK is an extraordinary high-performance cutting compound that has been specifically developed for the detailer. Developed for applications on used and weathered paint surfaces, thanks to its outstanding and extreme cut, as well as its superior high-gloss features, Scholl Concepts S2 BLACK knocks-out even the deepest and most severe paint imperfections in seconds.

Most heat is produced in the outer area of foam polishing pads and the unique edges of the new Scholl Concepts NINJA Pads dissipate heat. Flex-Cut edges in the outer area cause a better cooling effect and lower tension in the outer area of the pad, increasing the lifespan.

To coincide with the launch, a Limited Edition S2 Black Set has been released. It includes a S2 Black 500ml, Red & Blue 140mm NINJA Pads and a special edition microfibre cloth. RRP: £42

RRPs (inc VAT) for the new range are Scholl Concepts S2 Black 500g £25.50; Red NINJA Cutting Pad 140mm £11.75; Blue NINJA Finishing Pad 140mm £10.75; S2 Black Limited Edition Set £42.00.

They are available from Scholl Concepts retail and online stockists nationwide. Visit for stockist details or call 01780 721 460 ENDS.