You’re fitting new brake pads, but you’re keeping the discs because they’re still well within the manufacturer’s specification for thickness. However, the edge of the discs will be corroded, with a pronounced lip – and this lip can damage the new pads or even stop them fitting correctly. Laser Tools has the answer in the form of their new brake disc lip removal tool (part number 7839).

Hand-operated, it will quickly remove the corrosion from the edge and smoothly cut back the lip on the face of the disc. Bolt-on the handle and position the cutting edge of the tool against the disc. The secret is the super-hard steel cutter – it removes the lip with just a few turns of the disc – leaving a smooth, clean edge.

The same with that heavy corrosion on the outer edge of the disc, the cutter literally rips through the heavy build-up of corrosion. The result is a nice clean brake disc ready to take a new set of pads.

After many uses, when the blade becomes blunt, turn it around and you have a new, fresh, sharp edge. New replacement blades are readily available (part number 7840).

Remember when replacing brake pads, it’s best practice to clean up the disc, and this new tool from Laser Tools is just the job.

Available now from your Laser Tools stockist: the 7839 brake disc lip removal tool is typically priced at £182.74 inc VAT. Always remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

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