This new air-powered spot weld drill from Laser Tools (part number 7682) is specifically designed for spot weld cutting, speeding up the task and providing repeatability and consistency of the depth of cut. This is a compact but powerful spot weld drill that is powered from the workshop compressed air supply and suitable for automotive workshop applications.

It features a three-position adjustable speed/torque control. The tool is additionally fitted with a reduction gearbox to further reduce the speed of the spot weld cutter, which is particularly useful when dealing with high-strength boron steel and aluminium alloys used on modern vehicle bodyshell construction.

The removable G-clamp is useful for spot weld removal along an edge or where access to the rear of the spot weld is possible. This leads to speedy spot weld removal with no necessity for the use of a centre punch, the clamp holding the spot weld cutter in position.

Two 8mm spot weld cutters are included in the kit plus, for larger spot weld removal, a 25mm hole cutter, which will cut around the spot weld, releasing the uppermost layer of the panel or flange.

This is a high-quality professional tool designed for the busy workshop where speedy and consistent spot weld removal is required. Available now from your Laser Tools stockist: the 7682 air-powered spot weld drill is typically priced at £693.43 inc VAT. Always remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

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