This versatile new mini precision hammer from Laser Tools (part number 7615 for the multi-head set or 7617 for the hammer separately) has a multitude of uses but is primarily designed for popping in trim clips; the handle is also a neat and flexible pry-bar, useful for removing trim clips.

The hammer is light-weight, and 175mm in length. If you buy the hammer on its own, it is supplied with a soft head and a hard head. If you buy the full set, you get six different heads: copper, rubber, aluminium and steel rounded heads, and copper and plastic flat heads. This makes it also ideal for basic panel beating tasks, the steelhead for steel panel work, and the alloy head for bare alloy panel work (ensuring no steel contamination on the alloy). The heads are easily and quickly interchangeable, so can always use the correct head for the job in hand.

And the shaft of the hammer is super-flexible, giving a solid dead-blow and accurate placement, protecting the substrate. As does the composite material of the hammer and its built-in pry-bar, letting you pop out trim clips or trim panels without damaging the underlying paintwork.

The 7615 set is supplied in a sturdy blow-mould case which fits neatly in the tool chest.

Available now from your Laser Tools stockist and great value: the 7615 mini precision hammer set is typically priced at £37.34; the 7617 mini precision hammer on its own is £13.42 (these prices include VAT). Always remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

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