Autoglym’s long-established Rapid Detailer has been created with a simple mission in mind; to rid the world of dusty, streaky, watermarked and mildly dirty paint with the minimum amount of fuss. It also adds a layer of polymeric protection for the ultimate in sealed gloss and instant shine whenever your bodywork requires it.
To be fair, Autoglym’s Rapid Detailer is a certified greatest hit already. Revered amongst the detailing masses as the go-to quick detailer, with the whiff of Mr Kipling’s finest Cherry Bakewells, this remains the instant answer to refreshing shine on all external surfaces. It can also act as a very useful lubricant for the clay bar process associated with removing any industrial fallout and contaminants that may have adhered deep within the lacquer of exterior finishes.

If your car is in between clean and spotless, Rapid Detailer is perfect. It will not remove or affect existing polishes, waxes or sealants and actually tops up existing protection with a further microscopic layer of polymer coating to ensure long-lasting shine and easy cleaning later on.

Are the, otherwise perfect, reflections in your paintwork being affected by light dirt, like dust/fingerprints? Don’t worry. Rapid Detailer is the ideal companion to keep on top of the colour pop, something that any automotive enthusiast will be pleased to hear.
Naturally, the vehicle in question can’t be too grubby, but the show field shine is just minutes away with Rapid Detailer onboard. Go on, no kit bag is complete without a bottle.
For those looking to give a five-star, five-stage appearance at one stage pace – Rapid Detailer has the talent to deliver. It really is the only quick detailer you’ll ever need as the sun stays out for longer and the nights keep hanging on almost until the pubs close, there’s one thing to be assured of – the car gathering, show season is most definitely underway. Whether you’re a boy racer, practical classic believer, or even a Concours d’Elegance winner, this simple bottle makes life easier for all on the show field.  It wears an RRP of £11.30.
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