For owners of Minis or Mini-based kitcars wanting their cars to look original, Mini Spares® can provide an original looking metal canister master cylinder with ‘Lockheed’ embossed on the metal can-type brake fluid reservoir.

Speaking of brake fluid, these original-spec metal cylinders must only be used with DOT 4 or 5 hydraulic fluid as originally specified in the vehicle’s handbook/workshop manual. Nothing else, such as racing fluid, is suitable.

While these Mini Spares master cylinders are ‘as original’ in almost every way, they are now supplied in a glossy silver finish, not the original gold. This is due to regulations that, since 2007, all products must be free from Hexavalent which resulted in the original gold colour during the plating process.

Mini Spares Metal Clutch Master Cylinders can be ordered as AAU4969 at £70.98 inc VAT each.

For more details contact 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.