Before the introduction of the MPI in 1997, Minis universally suffered from oil leaking past the clutch case gasket.

Even new Minis suffered from this problem and were ‘corrected’ under warranty, but the problem often returned again.

In 1997, the clutch case and block gaskets were changed to a modern-day technology Klinger-type material in an attempt to eradicate the oil leaks.

Mini Spares now offers a Klinger material clutch housing gasket as part number GUG705563GM, replacing 22A2237B, to help prevent oil leaks.

The gasket measures 31 thou (0.81 mm) thick, but compresses to the correct size when fitted and torqued to 18lbs per sq ft.

The Klinger material clutch housing gasket seals without any sealant!

Although Klinger is a very expensive material the gasket is available from Mini Spares at just

£10.79 inc VAT

For more details contact Mini Spares on 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.