Burton Power is now offering fully reconditioned Bosch electronic type distributor kits for the Ford SOHC Pinto engine, an engine used by the shed load in kitcars, of course.

The distributors are fitted with an integral electronic ignition module bolted to the distributor body. Each distributor has a modified advance curve to suit fast road/rally specification and is non-vacuum.

Each kit is supplied complete with constant energy coil and wiring harness (when using on vehicles fitted with a ballast resistor, the ballast must be by-passed to provide 12v at the coil).

The kits are supplied with a straight cap. The approximate static ignition timing is 14deg BTDC.

Order as part number FT295K at £259.96 plus a £40 deposit, refundable on return of a serviceable early Pinto Bosch electronic unit (later static type units are not acceptable).

Available from Burton’s Performance Centre in Essex or by ordering from www.burtonpower.com or even 0208 554 2281 ENDS.